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Swing Swing
My first rocking lesson, I was given a hot outfit to wear... I really enjoyed it??

Anne-GPunkt (49)


Chaste slave every day a t*****e in the KG Chaste slave every day a t*****e in the KG
You are indefinitely in the chastity belt for LadyAyse, and I love to lock up my slave cunts nicely to have the slave c**k in my hand gives me power and I love power. As 2 tes must, it must be nice mean my time where I give you will not be of short duration because you should suffer beautifully, it must be tight and be a t*****e every day for you. Always h***y and a t*****e to get through the day without j**king off. When you suffer, you loser, it makes me h***y and motivates me to make your time even meaner and hornier. Of course I will take you to the limit, I will tease you with my beauty and my curves so that your chastity belt will leak.

Chaste slave every...
LadyAyse (36)

I made an album after a long time I made an album after a long time
maybe a secretary, maybe a student, maybe a maid, you decide... and post your thoughts about me in the comments, write me for more :)

I made an album af...
Nadya (35)

black and white cherry, latex black and white cherry, latex
im a dangerous woman and you know that. be afraid of get me mad. tell me what you like and how u want it. i like man that knows what they want, and what they like. kiss

black and white ch...
CherryAlekza (25)

Balloon - Fetish Balloon - Fetish
Here I have something really cool for you if you like balloons. If it makes you really h***y when a woman plays with balloons, lets them fly. Then you`ve come to the right place. Do you want more? Then get in touch.

Balloon - Fetish
H***y42MIlf (43)

Lacquer Leather Lacquer Leather
I know you get weak when your mistress wears vinyl and leather!

Lacquer Leather
fetisch_herrin (28)

another side of me i hope you like it another side of me i hope you like it
i love clothes like this on me they also just feel great

another side of me...
LadyLolliPop (24)


You are not a man you are a sissy whore You are not a man you are a sissy whore
Hey hooker you have already read the headline you are not a man, but a cheap German sissy whore. You`ll have to resign yourself to being a cunt and sucking and f**king c**k. You only feel really comfortable when you dress as a sissy and behave accordingly, not as a man, but as my sissy. You`ve already realized that that`s just the way it is and that you`ll always be a sissy and not a man. You can listen to the rest whore now in the video.

You are not a man ...
LadyAyse (36)


The stump belongs in the KG immediately! The stump belongs in the KG immediately!
So you loser and again I`m mean I love it unexpectedly to lock slave c**ks in the chastity belt, then you hear from me only immediately lock up slave cunt. You stand there all shocked because you didn`t expect it, but chastity is what I love to do and where I have you by your balls. Chaste slaves are very obedient, after all you want to do everything you can to get back to freedom so you can j**k off, I take advantage of that and get everything I want when I snap my f****r. You are obliged to lock up immediately with the purchase of this video and to send me a proof photo.

The stump belongs ...
LadyAyse (36)

sexy schoolgirl sexy schoolgirl
You want to be my teacher and give me good classes on my favorite subject, sexology. Come and teach me that I will be a good student.

sexy schoolgirl
NatashaBlack (36)

Big Ass Big Ass
Do you like the sight of my wetlook ass?

Big Ass
Findomcherry (27)


Spray on my boots Spray on my boots
You will s****t nicely on my hot leather boots and lick up your slave cream again. In the video I have beautiful leather boots on which you have to lick and kiss, your c**k will be so h***y that you won`t need long to start j**king off. The cream will run down from the hot boots and your slave mouth will lick every drop, I want it polished clean by your t****e, there won`t be a drop left.

Spray on my boots
LadyAyse (36)

July Fun with Bella! Naughty, sexy and so tempting July Fun with Bella! Naughty, sexy and so tempting
Bella is showing up her young body with sexy curves! A hot brunette posing so sexy for your delight!

July Fun with Bell...
BellaRey (20)

Lacquer and leather Lacquer and leather
Hello sweetie, here are my first hot photos in vinyl and leather... What do you think?

Lacquer and leather
DannyS***e (36)


Turkish pimp! Turkish pimp!
I am the Turkish pimp Lady Ayse and you will go procuring for me. You will get the money for me, your cheap hooker holes for it. Yes, I love to be a Turkish pimp, mean and money-hungry, train my hookers and then send them off to get the money. So make me proud and become a hooker whore of LadyAyse. Listen to all the details in the video!

Turkish pimp!
LadyAyse (36)


Sissy whore f**k you for me! Sissy whore f**k you for me!
Hey you cheap sissy slut in the video LadyAyse orders you to f**k yourself hard for the goddess. While you look at my beauty, you will do everything I tell you in the video. I love it when my sissy whores have to f**k themselves nice and hard for me with the c**k. Just the fact that you are reading the text here makes you h***y for the c**k that you will now use for me.

Sissy whore f**k y...
LadyAyse (36)

Latex Latex
Do you also like latex? Who would like to s****t all over my skirt?

AnnieHot (45)

Hier auch mal nackt ` Hier auch mal nackt `
"I hope to be naked here too next time with you naked behind me, right?"

Hier auch mal nack...
Zimt-Schnecke (44)


Only the feet Loser! Only the feet Loser!
As the headline says, you only get the feet Loser. As a slave pig you will not get more, you are not entitled to more, you can be happy that you get feet at all. Look at my divine feet, beautifully painted red and perfectly groomed. A goddess like me is always beautifully groomed and has beautiful feet where you will worship losers. Yes, you are my foot slave here, loser, take a look right now to see where your place is and what you get!

Only the feet Lose...
LadyAyse (36)


The b***h gets totally p**s h***y from h******e f**ting! The b***h gets totally p**s h***y from h******e f**ting!
Today I have my little toy with me again. My maid! Her p***y keeps inviting me to pamper her h***y little Latina cunt with my f**t. But today she doesn`t just get my f**t shoved into her hole, today she gets my 2 hands inside her. The whole thing makes her so h***y that she has to p**s straight afterwards. Somehow my bladder is still squeezing and I just p**s a round with her.

The b***h gets tot...
MelissaDeluxe (43)


Latex wanker Latex wanker
You are an addicted latex wanker, this h***y rubber material makes you so h***y and weak that you will now satisfy your addiction with this video. Lady Ayse, the Turkish mistress, is wearing hot latex in the video and I keep rubbing it so that you can hear the hot rubber sound and lose your mind even more! The shiny latex is so hot for you slave that you can never resist, I tease extremely h***y in the video nice and shiny in the rubber!

Latex wanker
LadyAyse (36)


Ass fixed f**ker! S****t on my latex ass Ass fixed f**ker! S****t on my latex ass
H***y f**ker s****ts on my latex ass. His ass is so fixed. With a wet, leaking cunt I stand there completely wrapped in latex, leather and f**k me boots and want to be f**ked by my invited f**ker. I never thought he would be so ass-fixated. He ties me in all directions before and through until he s****ts on my plump latex ass. WOW was that a cool feeling when the bag cream lands on my latex ass. First very warm then cooling... Of course there`s still some cum j***e for my swallowing mouth. #ass #c*****t #latex

Ass fixed f**ker! ...
AnnabelMassina (36)

Your kitchen fairy Your kitchen fairy
I would like to be. Would you like that?

Your kitchen fairy
ibizalady (61)

New top New top
My new top has finally arrived ... now I just need my matching skirt to arrive, then I could just leave the knickers off, or what do you think? I`m supposed to get my swing driver`s license with this outfit!

New top
Anne-GPunkt (49)

Selfies Selfies
Simply pull the trigger unadulterated...

MissLollipop-TS (37)


Should I come to you like this? Should I come to you like this?
And help you around the house? H***y dirty talk and f**k with the whisk...

Should I come to y...
ibizalady (61)


Outdoors countdown Outdoors countdown
You are sitting on a bench in front of me in the mountains. We're going to play a game, I'm sexy dressed, and I j**k you off. But you may not ejaculate until I'm counting down to zero. I tease you with slams on your balls. If you have not ejaculated before, I take my dress off. But if you do ejaculate before, I punish you. So what will it be?

Outdoors countdown
hollandswing (49/51)


Anydesk account f**k Anydesk account f**k
My pay pigs and also LadyAyse loves to f**k your account via Anydesk. You will hear from me briefly and painlessly, give the ID and password slave pig, you know immediately what is meant by it. The Anydesk data you send immediately with my request then I log in and will f**k you via Paypal so fast and hard that your mini c**k s****ts your quick s****ter c**k right away. Most of the time I do such an Anydesk session while I`m on the live cam, you can still see me and admire my beauty slave pig! Come on, you`re the next one to get your account f**ked by LadyAyse via Anydesk in no time!

Anydesk account fu...
LadyAyse (36)


Best nectar session at home Best nectar session at home
Yes, a mega quickie always works and huiii how that flooded cool. The turbo d********t slut is back!

Best nectar sessio...
sweetMaya (45)


A**l, p**sing and sex toys - this is what a Saturday evening looks like A**l, p**sing and sex toys - this is what a Saturday evening looks like
On Saturday evening it`s all about f**king with me. From a**l, sextoys, footjob and p**sing everything is included. I love it when I can f**k uninhibited.

A**l, p**sing and ...
MiaundJason (31/42)

Black leather dress Black leather dress
Black leather dress wraps everything nicely and puts ass tits and p***y in the right light perfect for your c**k as a template

Black leather dress
LadySun87 (37)


The boss is gone The boss is gone
and she has fun. Dreams of you licking her and her riding you while you sit on the chair. In suspenders, high heels, mini skirt and latex top

The boss is gone
ibizalady (61)

H***y secretary H***y secretary
who has fun when the boss is not there.

H***y secretary
ibizalady (61)


Bootf**ker I Ruin Your O****m Custom) Bootf**ker I Ruin Your O****m Custom)
The slave pig has requested a video where he has to f**k my leather boots nicely. I keep the bastard nice and chaste at first and on my leash, after I have humiliated him properly I order him to f**k my boots over and over again. I laugh at him and enjoy myself. I then order him to unlock the chastity belt, but the joy disappears immediately when he realizes that his slave o****m is ruined by LadyAyse I kick him again and again with my boots in the balls and ruin his o****m.

Bootf**ker I Ruin ...
LadyAyse (36)

I like it dirty and rough :) do you like it too ?

G***e_DEERN (43)


M*****bating in the mountains M*****bating in the mountains
In the mountains, I sit on a bench, in my latex dress, and start to tease you. Finally, I take off my dress, slowly, and m*****bate naked, in the wind, until i cum for you...

M*****bating in th...
hollandswing (49/51)

Livecam of the moment


31 Years
I'm young and open to soo much!! I like to experience new, wild things... LIVING YOUNG WILD AND FREE!!!

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