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Latex fetish? ;) Latex fetish? ;)
Hey you! Wanna be my slave? ;)

Latex fetish? ;)
JessieNolan (30)

Come to me Come to me
New photos and the ones you like hehe... so enjoy them love, and if you want something more intimate, come to my private room

Come to me
CandaceSky (20)


You`ll never get out of the KG again! You`ll never get out of the KG again!
How does it feel, you loser? You`ve been wearing the KG for some time now. Have you gotten used to it yet? Are you still hoping that I`ll let you out of the KG? That you can j**k off again? I think I can help you with this video! You don`t need to have any more hope. You will never come out of the KG again! Your mini c**k will be locked in the cage forever. Never j**k off and cum again! How does that feel loser? To know that you belong to me forever, that I have the power over your c**k and will never let you out of the cage again! You`ll beg and plead with me... But I`m not interested in that! You`ll stay in the KG forever!

You`ll never get o...
LadyAyse (36)

another side of me i hope you like it another side of me i hope you like it
i love clothes like this on me they also just feel great

another side of me...
LadyLolliPop (23)


Gerhard the pay pig Gerhard the pay pig
I`ve had my piggy bank Gerhard in my hand for a long time. He`s really keen to send me his money. He has to transfer his tribute to me twice a month. Without any request from me! The loser wants my attention and he gets it. As long as I receive the money on time. My life, my luxury is financed this way. I am the goddess! And you are the losers begging for my attention. Watch the video. Do you have similar fantasies? Then write to me in Messenger! I`m sure we`ll find a way for you to sweeten my life!

Gerhard the pay pig
LadyAyse (36)

new cool outfit new cool outfit
I`m thrilled with the new suspenders, are you?

new cool outfit
ibizalady (61)

Lacquer and leather ? Lacquer and leather ?
Vinyl and leather, with a touch of nothing. Suspenders and stockings ??

Lacquer and leathe...
Saida (35)

Red D E L U X E overknees with latex dress Red D E L U X E overknees with latex dress
Here are a few hot pictures from my shoot in my red deluxe overknee boots. I`m wearing my deluxe latex dress to match!

Red D E L U X E ov...
MelissaDeluxe (42)


Mini c**k (2 f****r wank) Mini c**k (2 f****r wank)
You mini dicks have come to the right place. I am your Turkish goddess. Why else did you losers end up on my homepage? Take a look at yourselves. What stands out most about you is nothing. Yes, nothing! Because there`s nothing to you. You mini-tail wearers. What are we supposed to do with you? Your mini c**ks are almost too small for a chastity cage. You`ll never be able to satisfy a woman, let alone a goddess like me, with your stub. You can only j**k off with two f****rs at most. You probably need tweezers for that. Be glad that you`ve landed on my page. I`ll show you what your ugly mini is good for...

Mini c**k (2 finge...
LadyAyse (36)


Divine spit (desired video) Divine spit (desired video)
Here my slave gets his desired video, he has wished to get a horny video of me with my hot spit. But that`s not all, it gets even hotter, the slave gets a hot package from me with the jumpsuit I`m wearing in the video, and a delivery of my spit to go with it. He gets my spit delivered directly and can swallow it deliciously to the video, as a special honor I put the jumpsuit on again beforehand in the clip so that my divine scent also arrives. You can buy my worn outfits in my store. In the video I always spit very dominantly and erotically, the spit runs down so cool. Again and again I spit horny. Now you also have the honor and enjoy my divine spit!

Divine spit (desir...
LadyAyse (36)


C******e - f**ked hard in a tight latex outfit! C******e - f**ked hard in a tight latex outfit!
You come into the room at just the right time, because I`ve sat on your bed and thrown on my new outfit - black, tight, latex-look and no panties underneath! I feel damn sexy, somehow I look like a little dominatrix! But I really like it when you take control. And that`s exactly what you do! It makes me really horny how you hold my head in your hand and stuff your c**k into my mouth! I`m getting really wet, my p***y is screaming for your c**k! How do you like it when you f**k me from behind in this hot outfit? It really turns me on! You f**k me so hard until you can`t stand it any longer and just pump your load into my p***y!

C******e - f**ked ...
Amelie_Lei (31)


`Erziehung zur Sissy-H**e - Teil 3 (Das B**straining)` `Erziehung zur Sissy-H**e - Teil 3 (Das B**straining)`
For the third part of your training as a sissy whore, you`ll need a nice d***o. Not too big, but definitely not too small! If you have any questions about the selection, feel free to write to me in Messenger. So that I can send you on the line, you must of course also know how to satisfy real men. We will practise this with the d***o. I will explain how you can suck it nicely. All the way to d********t. We`ll keep practicing until you whore can do it. As with the running training, you will also do your b*****b exercises every day! One solution for daily practice is, for example, a d***o gag, so that you whore already know what it feels like to have a c**k in your mouth. After all, I only send well-trained whores on the street and that`s what you sissy dream of!

`Erziehung zur Sis...
LadyAyse (36)

long red hair long red hair
black latex gloves and matching boots. Do you like it?

long red hair
ibizalady (61)


Raising a sissy whore - Part 2 Running training Raising a sissy whore - Part 2 Running training
After we discussed your future outfit in the first part, with which you sissy whores will go shopping for me, you must of course now practise how to walk in high heels. It`s always fun for me to see how awkwardly you wannabe sissy whores walk in them. In this video, I`ll give you a few tips on how you whores can walk elegantly and, above all, sexily on your heels. Because you can go shopping for me! That alone should be a great honor for you whore! But of course only practice makes perfect, if you have seen the video, you will do the exercises that I explain to you for at least 15 minutes every day and stumble around on your heels. There are no excuses! You can also do your housework in heels. So don`t be shy you little whore!!! When you think you`ve got it, you`ll get in touch with me in Messenger and turn on your cam. !

Raising a sissy wh...
LadyAyse (36)


Made horny in assthetic pants and red patent heels Made horny in assthetic pants and red patent heels
hmmm Assthetic Pants feel so horny on the skin especially on my cunt and when ndie then starts to tingle so there is nothing else left but that I get it so really horny that my cunt nimma stops smacking;)

Made horny in asst...
aphro (38)


Leather gloves h*****b Leather gloves h*****b
After a stressful day at the office, I wanted to relax a bit and what couldn`t be better than giving my boss a hot h*****b. This is where the cleaning lady`s spontaneous idea comes in handy! I kneel down and take his c**k out of his pants. I still have my latex gloves on

Leather gloves han...
Thai-Noi (44)


Ripped off at an ATM Ripped off at an ATM
You dream of coming to visit me. To serve me in real life. That will happen. When you come, it will already be dark. You`re already waiting for me, wearing your slave collar. I`ll attach the leash and we`ll go for a walk. You, as you should be, always one meter behind me. You can`t help it, you have to stare at my hot ass. You`re lucky, there doesn`t seem to be anyone out and about apart from the two of us. Our destination is the nearest cash machine. You already know what`s coming. You already have your bank card handy and hand it to me. I stare into your eyes and you realize what you`re doing wrong. You immediately fall to your knees and beg: "Please, Lady Ayse, help yourself to my bank card!". "Louder" I shout at you before you repeat the sentence and even kiss my boots. That`s the way I want it. I insert the card into the machine and select an amount. You can`t see which one ... "Go on, pin one

Ripped off at an A...
LadyAyse (36)

new latex gloves new latex gloves
I was stood up and was horny, so I`ll tell you what I want, undress in front of you. Are these your dreams too?

new latex gloves
ibizalady (61)

Preview images for the upcoming video Preview images for the upcoming video
he pictures give you a little foretaste of the video that will be released soon... one of my dirtiest and kinkiest sessions ever. My mtoo to it. : The kinkier the better

Preview images for...
schnuckelchen04 (38)

Curves in black Curves in black
Hey well, I thought I`d show you your favorite teen curves in my favorite lingerie!? beautiful with fishnet & leather

Curves in black
PaulinaPlus (20)

Sweet asses in double pack Sweet asses in double pack
Just talked out of horniness about how it would be to push a snappy a**l threesome! Maybe you want to join in?

Sweet asses in dou...
schnuckelchen04 (38)

Find it mega hot Find it mega hot
Do you like it too? Latex pants, high heels, body chain and my horny painted toenails?

Find it mega hot
ibizalady (61)


Mistresses educate the sissy b***h with their huge c**ks dirt Mistresses educate the sissy b***h with their huge c**ks dirt
Mistresses educate the sissy b***h with their huge c**ks dirty talk

Mistresses educate...
Sophiasapphire (25)


Turkish latex whore 1 Turkish latex whore 1
Turkish latex whore drops the covers for you, f****r my wet p***y with relish

Turkish latex whor...
turkishderya (41)


Learning lesson for lively pooches! Learning lesson for lively pooches!
You miserable mutt! Mistress Kane has found herself a helper today to teach such a vile creature like you some proper manners! Lesson 1 is basic obedience ... and who knows ... if you are really good you might even get a reward and get to wag your tail ?!

Learning lesson fo...
KiraKane (25)


Turkish nylons b***h 1 Turkish nylons b***h 1
Sexy Derya seduces you in nylon stockings, high heels and vinyl mini, enjoy me as I drop the covers for you

Turkish nylons bit...
turkishderya (41)


KG-Slave Teasing KG-Slave Teasing
You`ve been wearing a chastity cage for some time now. And why? Because your goddess, Lady Ayse, wants it that way! You loser won`t get rid of the KG that quickly. Or maybe you will? In this video I will tease you until your balls burst, until it drips out of the cage. You will imagine how I, your goddess, rub your caged worm between my divine breasts, caress your KG with my lips... While you loser with a caged c**k watch the video, you hope to get permission at the end to take off the KG so that you can finally j**k off your crippled c**k again. But do you seriously believe that losers like you deserve to wank? Buy the video and you`ll get the answer. But will you like it? Me, your goddess Lady Ayse, definitely!

KG-Slave Teasing
LadyAyse (36)

latex games in the garage latex games in the garage
Hot dominatrix lets herself go in the garage!!! hot plump breasts and a beautiful zuechtigung waiting for you ...

latex games in the...
miss-meduzza (38)

Assthetic pants and red patent heels part 2 Assthetic pants and red patent heels part 2
ooo this time with a different top hope you like them just as much

Assthetic pants an...
aphro (38)


Turkish mistress rules over German potato slaves Turkish mistress rules over German potato slaves
I am your Turkish mistress! Your oriental goddess. You, my German slave, will do anything I want for me. You German potato long to finally be allowed to lie at the feet of your goddess, your Turkish goddess. To be allowed to lick my feet. To be allowed to admire my wonderful bottom. You German slave will read my every wish from my eyes. You are only there to serve and amuse your Turkish mistress. What your Turkish goddess commands will be done without argument. Otherwise I will punish you, useless German slave pig! For that is your fate: you now belong to me, your Turkish mistress! Your oriental goddess! My spit is worth more than you little good-for-nothing will ever be. You will lick the dirt off your Turkish mistress`s boots and be proud to be my property!

Turkish mistress r...
LadyAyse (36)


Blackmail slave forever blackmailable! Blackmail slave forever blackmailable!
My Blackmal slave! You will only do what I want you to do! I look forward to your future life. My blackmail slave, forever blackmailed by me! I hope you`re looking forward to it too? But I don`t really care! You little loser, do you still dream of making your own decisions? I, your Turkish goddess, will show you where your place is! You have to obey my orders. You have no idea what I know about you. What pictures and information I have about you that you would rather not publish. So come on, obey me! Submit to me and fulfill my wishes. This is your deepest longing, I will help you to satisfy it. You will be my property forever. My Blackmal slave! You will only do what I want! I look forward to your future life. My blackmail slave, forever blackmailed by me! I hope you`re looking forward to it too? But actually

Blackmail slave fo...
LadyAyse (36)


Are you ready Are you ready
So, my friend you sit down now nicely and will obey my orders and neatly wank your c**k, woe is not and as a proof you will send me a picture, otherwise whip.

Are you ready
Scarlett-kiss (30)


My giant pink d***o My giant pink d***o
Made my little p***y really happy, I love it ♡

My giant pink d***o
Apinya (43)


Losers don`t have to wank! Losers don`t have to wank!
What do you think you are? A loser, of course! And you belong to me! My losers have no right to wank your pathetic mini c**k. If you loser have a chastity cage, your crippled little worm belongs locked up. You can send the key to me right away. What do you want to do with your c**k? You can`t satisfy a woman anyway, so you don`t need to wank it at all. That`s why I, your goddess Lady Ayse, have an absolute wanking ban! Losers are not allowed to wank. They have to be chaste for their goddess. Because this control I have over you pathetic losers shows you where your place is. Far below me.

Losers don`t have ...
LadyAyse (36)

red my p***y this year red my p***y this year
sexy, hot, my p***y and my tits, a**l sex is amazing, baby, i will wait for you

red my p***y this ...
AdrielleMoon (24)


Latex - j**k off instruction! My ass is yours! Latex - j**k off instruction! My ass is yours!
Don`t you think that my skin-tight latex dress looks wonderful on me? I loll and stroke myself in it for you ... as if you were with me and could see and feel it live! And to make you even hornier while watching, I`ll spoil you with my dirty talk until you cum almost hands-free! For the finale you`ll get my tight latex ass cunt and I`ll give you a juicy c******e!

Latex - j**k off i...
KiraKane (25)

Livecam of the moment


39 Years
Barefoot on the beach, I leave imprints in the sand or maybe with high heels and very elegant? Come into my cam and be excited because I am known for adventures.

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