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Golden Shower


Open your mouth and swallow Open your mouth and swallow
Yeah, you look and listen to me carefully because I`m about to p**s and you have to swallow everything. Can you do that? Are you ready for my warm champagne? You want it so bad. Your dick is greedy for it too cause it`s right there at the thought of it. Then open your mouth and swallow.

Open your mouth an...
SweetSusiNRW (53)


My MILF cunt AO f**ked, inseminated and p**sed My MILF cunt AO f**ked, inseminated and p**sed
I want to be f**ked around again shortly before the nationwide contact restriction order. So I meet with my new acquaintance again on a horny rendezvous. We meet secretly because he is married and his wife must not know that. We have actually booked a hotel, but we could not hold back our horniness on each other already in the car. My cunt is already itching and I need a c**k. So we undress in the car and attack each other. What a horny car number! He f**ks me AO through and finally inseminated my cunt with his sumptuous c*****t. Just look how all the cum runs over my p***y. But I also have such a pressure on my bladder that I also let him film how my Golden Shower leaves my p***y. Such a horny action still! Would you also like to f**k before the restriction?

My MILF cunt AO fu...
LeaStern (37)


Naked is cool Naked is cool
Naked is awesome, even naked is awesome. Before our vacation my friend visited us with her husband, in confidence she asked me. Tell me, are you always as horny on the nudist beach as I am? What would I give to have sex on the beach? I just laughed and nodded my head, not knowing that a few days later, on the beach I will also be so horny, but thank God, my partner has no problem with licking me on the beach...

Naked is cool
angelgrazia (57)

P**s cunt in a nylon pantyhose P**s cunt in a nylon pantyhose
By my horniness ran a sweet thick and golden ray from my p**sf**ze...

P**s cunt in a nyl...
Fraeulein (28)


Cheers Halloween!! Cheers Halloween!!
I won`t reveal anything. Look and enjoy.

Cheers Halloween!!
Marisa-forever (58)


My hot pippi is waiting for you. My hot pippi is waiting for you.
where do you want me to s****t it? Let me know what you`d like to do with it. .

My hot pippi is wa...
scharfe-Alex (56)

p*****se and horny in the morning p*****se and horny in the morning
I`ve been horny early in the morning and instead of brushing my teeth immediately to brush them I first of all my toothbrush - instead of the teeth my c**toris is scrubbed with it and then the p***y from the inside - hui while I had to p**s off dirty smooth, makes nothing so I use the horny NS mouthwash to brush my teeth - the p***y - p**s mixture makes my teeth flashing Blanck and turned on as I am now I get myself with the brush yet another o****m - since the day can finally begin... .

p*****se and horny...
Slut-Nicole (52)


F**king sick! F**ked in his own p**s! F**king sick! F**ked in his own p**s!
It`s just me, right? A small paddling pool nicely filled with my horny warm p**s, is also much better than wasting water hehehe. Look at the fat p**s stream directly from my hole, no wonder the pool is filled properly. But that`s not all, I would not be Susi-Extrem if I do not put another shovel on it and let me in my own juice of a hard c**k drill. I ride the c**k the s**k cream to the top and my horny huge natural tits jump to the beat of his hard f**k punches until he then snorts his delicious s**k sauce in my cum-hungry mouth!

F**king sick! F**k...
Susi-Extrem (25)

P**sing in the forest P**sing in the forest
During a little walk in the woods, I had to push really hard

P**sing in the for...
herrin-lisa (30)


P**sed in the morning and then f**ked! P**sed in the morning and then f**ked!
No sooner had he the eyes on I have him with my hot horny warm p**s doused and then made me immediately to his c**k. Without detours I pressed him in my insatiable F**kschnute and sucked him hard. Then he drilled his hard sucked f**k deep into my warm and wet hole and got it to me f**k b***h in all manner of ways until he was the s**k cream in a high arc from the top bubbled!

P**sed in the morn...
Maja-Peters (30)


Community p**ing 1 Community p**ing 1
After the shopping, we first treat ourselves to a two, three Fritz Cola, and what comes in must come out again! We`ve hit the mutant ants! By the way, I just want to mention again that I do not make me horny when I p**s somewhere, I do it because I do that and yes, I do not care that I do what I do! I just want to say that I do not get off because I pee somewhere outside (this is always suggested in these videos, with the fewest it is actually so), we had to stop! Peace recording in early 2019

Community p**ing 1
Cuddlysmith (33)


Rubber b***h f**ted and p**sed off Rubber b***h f**ted and p**sed off
I`m already a horny rubber pig. His legs spread wide on the gyn chair he rammed his whole f**t into my tight wet cunt. Oh man, that`s a great feeling when I`m so full and his hand presses against my full bladder. With hard strokes he f**ts me from one o****m to the next. Then he pulls out his f**t and I have to p**s off. A nice golden shower shoots out of my f**k gap. Man that was cool!

Rubber b***h f**te...
naturalchris (48/53)


Komm, schl**k an meinem P**sl**h! Komm, schl**k an meinem P**sl**h!
First I ship into my girlfriend`s salad bowl and then the man of the house jumps between my legs to lick the rest of the p**s out of my slit. With this spontaneous need I had actually not thought to put toilet paper ready, but luckily there are golden shower fans who like to lick a freshly urinated p**s cunt. Would you have dived down to get one or two drops directly from the source?

Komm, schl**k an m...
DaddysLuder (35)

My p***y to lick close you like it dirty and dirty! I p**s off and let it run with relish so that you get every drop! #pssen #vanessa #l****n #sexy #bestgirl

F*****TTIG & GE...
Vanessa-Jones (41)

Roses - P**shead Roses - P**shead
Make a p**s carnation out of my petrified rose - does that still help her ? (Unfortunately the picture is a bit dark)

Roses - P**shead
Slut-Nicole (52)


First Time NS First Time NS
My first NS Video!

First Time NS
Kim-Love (47)

Outdoor f**king is a great thing Outdoor f**king is a great thing
I`m all about outdoor sex. Look at me suck and blow that c**k to the last drop of semen. The main thing is the f**k and the c**k is horny, even if I can ride it I get my money`s worth, I could always much longer than the men, so what the hell, they just have to get it more often! I am already a dirty b***h. Maybe you`re next!

Outdoor f**king is...
naturalchris (48/53)


Crouching in the restroom... Crouching in the restroom...
.. I hate these toilet blocks! But I had to pee, I had no choice, I couldn`t wait any longer. So drop your pants, crawl into the toilet, squat down and run. It splashes and the side devices can be heard of course... next door someone has gone to the toilet. Watch how I put my pants on again afterwards and how they automatically take them off.

Crouching in the r...
G***eK**kd**e (48)


F****r in the ass and p**sed off F****r in the ass and p**sed off
Mhh I love to spoil my wet p***y in the shower really cool and f****rs. However, I need several f****rs in my f**king ass and show you Here also horny as my p***y p**s off. Do you like dirty games? Well then this movie is probably just right for you .... kisses Julia

F****r in the ass ...
JuliaPink (44)


John is taking a P**s in his Coffee mug John is taking a P**s in his Coffee mug
John is taking a P**s in his Coffee mug

John is taking a P...
JenJohnScorpio (47/56)


P**sing in rubber boots under the city bridge P**sing in rubber boots under the city bridge
I wanted to do another unusual NS clip. For this I looked for a city bridge in my hometown where a river runs into which I wanted to p**s. Of course I wanted to do that with my new red rubber boots. It makes me really horny when I can p**s like that and I like the risk of getting caught. You see my wet dripping p***y with which I p**s off several times with a powerful jet. I hope you like my public NS clip.

P**sing in rubber ...
Kinky-Lady (48)

Sau you get my hot golden shower Sau you get my hot golden shower
It is a horny user meeting But, spontaneously doing the Cam to keep still is not so easy when you are horny. Cause a date can be pretty awesome

Sau you get my hot...
kathrin10 (58)

Get my champagne Get my champagne
Users are brave and also always horny But when I want to film everything hm then it becomes quite exciting

Get my champagne
kathrin10 (58)


A**l and p**s fetish sex A**l and p**s fetish sex
First, I blow the p**s c**k and suck it beautiful from his p**s off. then he j**ks me with latex gloves my asshole horny through my p**s extremely injected out comes. Then I`m horny a**l f**ked and at the end I get a great load of cum to swallow ....

A**l and p**s feti...
ns-a**lstute (50)


No c*****t, then you swallow my p**s No c*****t, then you swallow my p**s
I got a visit from a fan who has been writing with me for a long time and you could feel his passion directly. I was very horny and intense through licked, it was really pleasant and very tender :) I have then of course spoiled him, played with his testicles and c**k and have blown him properly. But you also noticed all the time how nervous he was because he wanted it for a very long time and somehow it did not work out with the c*****t on my horny natural breasts at the end as it was actually planned. As you know I love to have s***m on my body and that has disturbed me a little bit so I went with him in the bathroom and he had to swallow my p**s nice and well-behaved and extensive! So one does not deal with me :) If I get no C*****t then you have to swallow!

No c*****t, then y...
KimberlyCaprice (19)


Brushed in rubber boots and peed in the shower Brushed in rubber boots and peed in the shower
I wanted to play around with my new rubber boots again. Since the shower had to be cleaned anyway, I started right away. With my bum on the floor I sat in the foam, soaped the floor and my rubber boots nicely. At some point my bladder pressure rose and I spread my hot pis jet in the foam. A very funny mess.

Brushed in rubber ...
Kinky-Lady (48)


Got p**sed off while m*****bating Got p**sed off while m*****bating
I was lying on the floor and should do it myself. My cameraman stood over me and watched me grinning, because he had planned another mess. Slowly he began to distribute his pee over my body. Grinning, he p**sed on my cunt and then all over my body. The more p**s I got, the hotter I became and in the end I was allowed to reward myself with a real o****m. I hope you enjoy my golden shower promotion.

Got p**sed off whi...
Kinky-Lady (48)


pool p**sing pool p**sing
Alice, Nova and I are taking a p**s together outside the pool. Afterwards we`re going to shake our horny asses in the water.

pool p**sing
Lolicoon (29)


Full bladder and p**sed in the tub Full bladder and p**sed in the tub
I often have a full bladder. I always imagine you just lying under it and getting everything right from the source, opening your mouth and taking my warm champagne and then licking my cleft clean, the nice salty taste on your t****e and then kissing me.

Full bladder and p...
Etwsim (35)


John is P**sing all into Jens open Mouth John is P**sing all into Jens open Mouth
John is P**sing all into Jens open Mouth

John is P**sing al...
JenJohnScorpio (47/56)


HORSEBOARD p**sed all over | NATURS**T Date in riding clothes HORSEBOARD p**sed all over | NATURS**T Date in riding clothes
After riding I walk through the middle of the forest to look for mushrooms. But all I find is a guy who seems to like my riding gear. Damn, no bra on... I`m a little embarrassed, well... we get into conversation and when I have to p**s he tells me that he doesn`t mind and that he would like to watch. Well then I give everything :D I take off my riding boots and p**s inside. Wow listen how it splashes and that is really a lot. I kneel down d***ygy and pour my sexy Reitleggings ass with my golden shower. All wet! When I walk around, he gets so turned on. When he shows me his c**k, I can not help it, I just have to blow him horny before I drag him to my home. Horny date. Would you like to meet me like this sometime? How would you like that meeting to go? Or would you have drunk my juice out of your boot... ? Tell me in the video coming out.

HORSEBOARD p**sed ...
Lara-CumKitten (28)


Slave drink - bottled my pee Slave drink - bottled my pee
It was time again to fill my pee for the next slave. Look how I p**s on my measuring cup and fill a bottle with my champagne! Are you worthy of it?

Slave drink - bott...
Kinky-Lady (48)

With the small rubber tail really self-procured With the small rubber tail really self-procured
I was alone and I thought to myself, get your little friend out of the box and do it yourself... worked out great... he did his job again... and I came really horny... See for yourself... how it flows...

With the small rub...
Saugperle66 (21)


Do you love NS? Do you love NS?
look what comes out of that horny p***y! You hear how hot that sounds?

Do you love NS?
Hotspot_Lea (60)


Jen is P**sing on a carrot and f**king her p***y with it Jen is P**sing on a carrot and f**king her p***y with it
Jen is P**sing on a carrot and f**king her p***y with it

Jen is P**sing on ...
JenJohnScorpio (47/56)


Extreme r*****g Extreme r*****g
Then it got really extreme, my asshole was totally turned inside out, after my slave had licked and sucked me intensely at / in both holes for an eternity! And it still seemed to go on forever, so for one time I let his greed for this endlessly extreme r*****g be. Of course, that doesn`t go on forever ...!

Extreme r*****g
EhmysGames (49)

Livecam of the moment


23 Years
I am a girl of dark skin knowing Germany, I would love to know more in depth, someone to teach me the beauty of Germany

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