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Golden Shower


Jeans p**s Jeans p**s
Ooooh oops, I actually peed in my jeans

Jeans p**s
Apinya (42)


My new slave - Today is licked and swallowed! My new slave - Today is licked and swallowed!
Time something completely different from me and a completely different side - I wanted to try something "new" and see how it feels when you can dominate and others do what you just feel like. Normally I`m more the s********e, but today we turn the tables and I think it was extremely cool. Should I be more dominant more often?

My new slave - Tod...
LissLonglegs (46)


Refreshment for milkers 33 Refreshment for milkers 33
Anne rings the break bell for milker 33 , this has milked today particularly fine and has earned a refreshment directly from the wonderful F**zenquelle... This refreshment , also serves the further milking motivation .

Refreshment for mi...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Pee video Pee video
A very special fetish video in which I pee on a plant. ;) Have fun with it.

Pee video
PlasticAngel (38)

Fetish video for NS lovers Fetish video for NS lovers
I`m standing in the bathtub have a horny pantyhose that is open in the crotch on?! Games on my p***y are so horny, but must pee all at once, I start first something timid then splashes a real jet out that makes me so horny that it goes on and on you see the NS splash out properly, multiple???! Have fun watching ?!

Fetish video for N...
Juliaontour (35)


Please swallow! Willing NS slave in Denmark! Please swallow! Willing NS slave in Denmark!
My dearest Rosella and I were once again on tour and this time in a vacation home in Denmark. And of course there have again lots of applications from fans to enjoy our horny golden shower. So we then chose a willing NS slave and he was allowed to enjoy our delicious champagne. When do YOU apply to us?

Please swallow! Wi...
DirtyTina (51)


Turkish golden shower 4 Turkish golden shower 4
This time I seduce you with my skimpy bikini drop the covers for you and for the finale I let my golden champagne run for you under the shower, wish you a lot of fun

Turkish golden sho...
turkishderya (41)


Drink my p**s... Wanker... Drink my p**s... Wanker...
Have found out that he is only j**king off and locked him for his pecker and p**sed all over him. Do not f**k me and only j**k off as does not go ...

Drink my p**s... W...
G***e_DEERN (42)


P**s shower for c**k P**s shower for c**k
after f**king I had to pee and he wanted me to p**s on his c**k. while he j**ks his c**k with pleasure under my p**s beam....

P**s shower for co...
ns-a**lstute (53)


NS + A**l + P***y NS + A**l + P***y
Attention very very dirty ! Really only what for fetish lovers ? Enjoy it as I am in the shower & spoil me and play on me ? NS games included

NS + A**l + P***y
xhooooney (27)


oiled and p**sed oiled and p**sed
Wanted to push my hand just again in my oiled cunt when I realized that I have to p**s, so squatted and wow what a beam.

oiled and p**sed
ibizalady (60)


P**sing in slaves mouth and blowing c**k! P**sing in slaves mouth and blowing c**k!
If you have the fetish of pee, then you shouldn`t miss this video. I p**sed in my slave`s mouth and gave him a good b*****b and was rewarded with a full load. As good as I am, I cleaned my slave with my p**s afterwards.

P**sing in slaves ...
Thai-Noi (43)


P**sing before Oktoberfest party P**sing before Oktoberfest party
Before the Oktoberfest party I p**s off again and indeed in the stand simply run on the tile floor in the bathroom - time to wipe away I have now but no more and leave a real puddle of p**s in the bathroom ... .

P**sing before Okt...
Slut-Nicole (54)


Been p**sing on the dirt road Been p**sing on the dirt road
Had to soo super urgent, so I stopped . When someone came I had to go quickly ;(

Been p**sing on th...
Leggingsm***hi (38)


I p**s you full and want to f**k! I p**s you full and want to f**k!
Resting is not here, just because we have just f**ked does not mean that I do not want now again. So p***y out and let run until the guy is fit again and gets out his beating to stuff me mercilessly my Muchil**h. Oh yes wonderful and I can f**k again hehe! I love sex just soooo dermaßen. I need the delicious serpma juice daily!

I p**s you full an...
Antonia-19 (26)


P**sed on my jeans P**sed on my jeans
I`m again after what dirty and because I just have to pee and as is well known yes rump**se like you can watch me as I bep****l my Jenashose - even if I know exactly that you would have preferred to get it in your face - right?

P**sed on my jeans
Slut-Nicole (54)


The p**s slut on tour The p**s slut on tour
Yes you have read correctly. I was back on tour and just went and have put me at the edge of a forest and have waited until one came out of the #Naturs**t stands. Of course, you do not have to wait long because almost all men like that very much. Not all like drinking but some want to feel how warm it is. And others just want to j**k off the tail and lick me clean. I like everything that the one then also finds beautiful and horny. Look how it bubbles me out horny from source I let everything run and then still horny clean licked. #P**s

The p**s slut on t...
SweetSusiNRW (56)

Peeing with roses Peeing with roses
In sexy black lingerie and hot heels I am peeing into a bowl...Afterwards I sprinkle it with roses...Hihi!

Peeing with roses
LoveMichelle (29)


Mega outdoor AO f**k and cum fan bang with Ashley & Rosella! 8 Mega outdoor AO f**k and cum fan bang with Ashley & Rosella! 8
Mega outdoor AO f**k and cum fan g******g with Ashley and Rosella! Part 8: 50 cum loads for our greedy holes! Including extreme cumswapping, cum swallowing, mega c******es, mud pushing and extreme s****ting!: On August 11 I had yes a horny AO outdoor fan G******g in Euskirchen. 100 men have come to this and that in the warsten sense of the word. Here in the 1 session my friend Ashley and I were f**ked hard by the first 50ig men and extremely filled with s***m. Our p***ies and mouths were flooded with s***m. I also came several times violently and have extremely s****ted. Ashley and I also made horny CumSwapping from p***y to mouth and from mouth to mouth. Of course, we both c**k and s***m greedy sluts swallowed everything away. Look at it and you know what I mean. Yes people soetwas you see and experience only with me!!!!

Mega outdoor AO fu...
RosellaExtrem (48)


Outdoor peed in the lacquer heels Outdoor peed in the lacquer heels
You do not see that every day or? ;-) I take off my shoes and am barefoot, wearing nothing under my skirt and must urgently pee, so I squat down and just p**s in my beautiful brand pumps. When my bladder is empty and the pumps are well filled, I get back into them barefoot and let my p**s spill over. After that I run a little back and forth for you. :-)

Outdoor peed in th...
Anni-Trinity (30)

P**s in the bowl P**s in the bowl
Can you hear the sound as my beam hits the center of the bowl? Maybe you`d rather lie under me for once?

P**s in the bowl
Josefine6090 (28)


Annad***t - Watch me p**sing - Pee Special Annad***t - Watch me p**sing - Pee Special
Today you can watch me pee a few times during a pee special and you`re always very close. Would you like to pee with me or even p**s on me, I would find it cool, do you want to.

Annad***t - Watch ...
annad***t (56)


will you get under it? will you get under it?
Had to p**s horny twice yesterday and how would you like to swallow every drop?

will you get under...
ibizalady (60)


Gerti p**sing on me Gerti p**sing on me
she is once again p**s horny so off with her under the shower so she can p**s me on the cunt

Gerti p**sing on me
Tammara-Dominant (37)


For golden shower fans! P**s swallow and P***y zur***en!!! For golden shower fans! P**s swallow and P***y zur***en!!!
Look at how horny his p**s jet shoots out of his dome and hits the middle of my mouth, mmmh delicious tastes the warm p**s. Since he has p**sed me so horny I would say I ride him the thick piston with my wet p***y times unrestrained. In the middle of the bathroom f**ks me the tail ice cold in my holes and my small firm teeny tits jump up and down in time with his F**kstöße until it finally comes to him and he vollrotzt me my whole tight p***y!

For golden shower ...
Susi-Extrem (28)


Open mouth, I need to p**s Open mouth, I need to p**s
I will s****t into your mouth with pinpoint accuracy

Open mouth, I need...
Apinya (42)


Extremely h******e! Completely p**sed and vollgerotzt! Extremely h******e! Completely p**sed and vollgerotzt!
Phew that was really one of the most violent experiences I have ever experienced! The guys were incredibly horny and accordingly b****l! My holes were used hard as nails up to the stop! Initially they p**sed me only in my s***mahungrige F**kf***se so that I ran out of juice from the mouth but then they made themselves to my F**kl**her ran and let really none out! My r****te was so shredded that I could not go straight for days and then even the s***m shower towards the end was really borderline! I really saw nothing more except s**k cream!

Extremely h******e...
Crazy-Kim (22)


What do you think? Sick and perverted? Or horny and dirty?!!!!!! What do you think? Sick and perverted? Or horny and dirty?!!!!!!
What do you think? Is that still normal or already a violent house number? I mean the guy sneaks up behind me, unpacks his boner and p**ses me in the middle of the head. Then I take his c**k in my mouth and suck him really horny hard, before I versehe is the hard-sucked piston already in my p***y hole and is ridden mercilessly by me until Abr***en. Of course, he hurls his whole load in my horny p***y.

What do you think?...
G***e-Blondchen (28)


Horny Kinky F**k With Natural Sect Inserts! Horny Kinky F**k With Natural Sect Inserts!
Are you into p**sing around and swallowing p**s? Well then check out this horny video! After we f**ked our brains out he p**sed his own s***m off my tits and then I sat on his c**k pulled my labia apart and p**sed my own p***y juice that stuck to it from his beating hihi!

Horny Kinky F**k W...
Sexy-Carolina (27)


Pervert sow! Full pot in my teenya***hl**h gerotzt! Pervert sow! Full pot in my teenya***hl**h gerotzt!
What am I just a dirty young thing, with me you can really do anything. Since this guy came over and all I could think about was how do I get his hot juice from his balls! Typical Blondienchen halt ;) I can tell you it will again so really horny p*****se. My ass cunt gets a hot ass f**k and is then also filled with his warm s**k cream until my r****te bursts! Assf**king and R****tenc******e that all gibts only with me the permanently horny little blondienchen! Please rate my video, I would be very happy about it :)

Pervert sow! Full ...
Traum-T****n18 (26)


H***y p***y p**sing for you H***y p***y p**sing for you
I find the idea that you horny, dirty things with my delicious champagne anstellst, damn horny! That`s why I also find it horny to fill my p**s for you ;). Do you feel like watching it bubble out of my h***y p***y?

H***y p***y p**sin...
FraeuleinJones (33)


Barefoot gone p**s in the office! I had to soo urgent! Barefoot gone p**s in the office! I had to soo urgent!
I can no longer! My bladder is about to burst! I MUST P**S IMMEDIATELY!

Barefoot gone p**s...
KiraKane (25)


P**sing in the forest close up P**sing in the forest close up
Well, do you like to watch my pearl p**sing??? :D

P**sing in the for...
Miss_Paradise (29)


Territory marked - tree trunk p**sed Territory marked - tree trunk p**sed
I have to times again and p**s on the way in the forest a tree trunk on - oops, there is also the pants a little wet with and even in my shoes runs me some of my p**s - well no matter am just ne b***h and blonde on top of it ... .

Territory marked -...
Slut-Nicole (54)

Pure natural sparkling wine Pure natural sparkling wine
Do you also like me stand up NS then you can not miss this video.

Pure natural spark...
hornymilf_95d (44)


Sect night Sect night
i can`t wait... my little baby p***y is so wet and my foam wants to spread all over your face!!! are you ready for this?

Sect night
candy-sandy (32)

Livecam of the moment


44 Years
Hey, I`m Sandra and I`m looking for great fun without obligations and I would be happy to meet you. Just have a look in my room!

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