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selfies 2 selfies 2
do you like me ? I`ll take some selfies for you!

selfies 2
LinaSweetAngelTS (27)


She rings for the toilet bowl She rings for the toilet bowl
You are the toilet mouth and when the lady rings, you have to appear quickly... open your mouth wide and concentrate on nothing else

She rings for the ...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Glorious Cumshoy Glorious Cumshoy
Watch me explode a real C*****t Lick it for me!! Make me clean with your nasty mouth

Glorious Cumshoy
QueenSamantha (26)


Smoking Santa Claus woman Smoking Santa Claus woman
As a mature Santa Claus woman, I know exactly about my charisma on you and not just because I smoke one - go ahead and have one - I like it when you j**k off because of me and on me - but you only s****t when I allow you to, so obey my instructions .... .

Smoking Santa Clau...
Slut-Nicole (55)

Queen SAmantha Queen SAmantha
Submit yoursedlf to me abnd be my property

Queen SAmantha
QueenSamantha (26)


Lick my h***y f**k hole until your t****e hurts! Lick my h***y f**k hole until your t****e hurts!
Hello my dears, and lovers of erotic games where the lady has the floor. Here I am giving an order that will be carried out and obeyed. Dressed in my red cosplay, which I received as a gift from my big fan, and whose wish I am fulfilling here with this video, which he also wished for. Black stockings with holes, suspenders, no panties like he wanted to see on my slave, he licks my wet and h***y p***y. I would like to thank everyone who follows me and admires me. I hope that you will stay with me for a very long time. I will try to fulfill all your wishes as best I can. I can also tell you that I liked this video very much and I was very excited and had two o****ms. You will see in the next part. Kiss you all.

Lick my h***y f**k...
elli-wien (40)


Stare and j**k off with ruler Isabella Stare and j**k off with ruler Isabella
You are a wanker and a cunt gawker, you enjoy the time with Anne and her wonderful cunt ... ! But today you are with Isabella, the ruler of cuntland, who is missing one of the cunt wheels ... . You know who has it, will you tell Anne? ;)

Stare and j**k off...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


I know what you need darling I know what you need darling
Yes, come to me sweetheart I know exactly what you want when you see me here with my fat c**k ... Make me nice and horny my sweetheart, with your two holes you horny sow.

I know what you ne...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


If you j**k off a lot, you have to drink a lot If you j**k off a lot, you have to drink a lot
Dr. Zur Scheide knows that only too well... She knows her permanent wankers, wank, wank, wank... and at some point wankers dehydrate, but Mrs. Doctor has good juice from her v****a ... Because permanent wanking, Mrs. Doctor also thinks that`s pretty good: D!

If you j**k off a ...
sexyvenushuegel (36)

Big ass Big ass
hello sweetie would you like to visit me? my ass and tits will be so hot for you i wish you a nice day brid.

Big ass
BridgetteBri (19)


Dominoes crush- trampling Dominoes crush- trampling
Two dominoes under my feet that I crush for you without a word and completely crush with my ripe feet ...

Dominoes crush- tr...
Slut-Nicole (55)

Your slave Your slave
Do what you want with me, I`ll do anything for you... I hope you like it?

Your slave
Sweety-Sweet (36)


Your s********e AbrotzRohr belongs to ME!!! Your s********e AbrotzRohr belongs to ME!!!
Do you come crawling back because your slave c**k wants to s****t? I just know what you little j**k-off puppet needs! Today you get to see your mistress in a very tight wetlook outfit and bright red high heels! My dominant words will drive your slave brain crazy while I order you to j**k off! And if you obey my commands well, you might be in for a surprise, are you ready my little loser? Laugh :D

Your s********e Ab...
prettyjuliette (36)


Stop and go wanking pleasure! Stop and go wanking pleasure!
I especially like to play with your hard, plump c**k. But you won`t just j**k off all the time today, you`ll have to prove to me that you can hold out until the countdown and more! Follow my wanking instructions to the letter! It starts right away!

Stop and go wankin...
Mira-Peach (33)


Used in leather corset until swallowing all 3 Used in leather corset until swallowing all 3
My master uses me as a cum swallowing whore and mouth cunt until I have to swallow everything from him when he comes inside me

Used in leather co...
Liebe_S***vin (33)


Sissyfication- Your transformation begins! Sissyfication- Your transformation begins!
In order to become my sissy, you must first manage to fulfill my requirements! I expect a lot from you so that my fun never comes up short! It won`t be enough just to put on a dress or lipstick! You will have to realign your whole life and stop drifting and finally follow your destiny!

Sissyfication- You...
Mira-Peach (33)


Dominant j**k-off instructions with special countdown for total losers Dominant j**k-off instructions with special countdown for total losers
I`m wearing lingerie and tight, shiny vinyl leggings, and that alone is enough to f**k your head and make you will-less. I`ll tell you exactly what I think of you and my opinion of you will soon be your own. You can j**k off for me today, and your horniness and the positive feeling of m*****bating will be accompanied by my nasty and hard words. My message will really burn itself into your slave brain and you will not only understand what you are, you will even approve of it and find it horny. At the end, a special kind of s****t countdown awaits you, because this time I won`t count out loud, but instead name 10 wretched q**lities about you. Cum while I really f**k you up and live your new life as a loser and slave.

Dominant j**k-off ...
Anni_NextDoor (30)


O****m for Nylonsissy O****m for Nylonsissy
You always feel so wonderfully feminine when you wear women`s underwear, especially nylon tights. I wear seductive, shiny tights myself and expect you to dress up for me. Wrap yourself in the sexy fabric and be my b***h! Follow my instructions, let your femininity out and get your sissy o****m, b***h! #feminization #sissification #nylons #nyonfetish #tights #shinytights #nylonstrumphose #fetish #posing #pov #mistress #femdom #domina #dominant #wankinstructions #wankinstructions #education #b**m

O****m for Nylonsi...
Mary_Jane (39)


Homewrecking fantasies! Homewrecking fantasies!
I really enjoyed using you to soil your marital cunt and since I`m not going to stop for a long time, you`ll get your next task from me today. This time, however, it`s a long-term task that won`t just make you think dirty thoughts for one day. I`m looking forward to your report on its completion!

Homewrecking fanta...
Mira-Peach (33)


Strange c*****t while I f**k his ass Strange c*****t while I f**k his ass
Attention, this video is aimed at s********e gentlemen who like me to be in charge and of course all men who like to climax in a very special way. I love to be f**ked, but every now and then I also like to f**k. Here I push a rather large d***o almost completely into my guy`s asshole and he moans in a completely different way than usual and cums in a completely strange way. Getting his p****ate penetrated by me probably turns him on in a completely different way. Would you also like to be f**ked by me?

Strange c*****t wh...
DaddysLuder (38)


P**sed in the slaves` mouths of shame P**sed in the slaves` mouths of shame
It`s a great pleasure to have a slave who you can p**s in his mouth of shame. The slave has been looking forward to getting my natural nectar in his face for days. He`s literally begging for it! After I`d given him a big load in his mouth, this little p**ser also had to p**s himself. However, he should learn from me how to do it properly!

P**sed in the slav...
MelissaDeluxe (42)


Fat lick slave may lick and then he can f**k off Fat lick slave may lick and then he can f**k off
My personal lick slave must always lick me when I demand it from him! He may taste my p***y juice and must swallow all of it... and if he has done well, he may now and then inject. But when I`m done he can f**k off and must wait for my next call. Applications from new slaves are welcome and accepted. #lick #lick slave #userdreh #usertreff #femdom #overknee boots #lacquer #leather #latex

Fat lick slave may...
schnuckelchen04 (38)


vibrating and f**king vibrating and f**king
First I spoiled his hard c**k with a v******r. He and the tail really liked that. I had to be careful that he didn`t s****t before he f**ked me. Yes, such a v******r is a fine thing. And as a thank you, he pulled out all the stops and f**ked me really horny d***y. Wow, that was cool! And at the climax he sprayed deep inside me. Cool!

vibrating and f**k...
hot-lady01 (66)


The slave project part 1 The slave project part 1
Since I have invited two willing slaves for today, I will experiment a little with them. Let`s see what comes out of it and how good they are.

The slave project ...
LadyJosefine (26)


Infinite control! Infinite control!
Your c**k locked up tight, you and your horniness completely at my mercy, that`s what I love so much. Hearing you beg for freedom, feeling your desperation and the tightness in your panting belt gives me pleasure every day. When will you be allowed to touch yourself again? When will your c**k be yours again?

Infinite control!
Mira-Peach (33)

The Strict Lady 3 ... Wanking instructions The Strict Lady 3 ... Wanking instructions
In the end you will ... let`s start ... take off your pants ... so I can look at your ... can look at you! Ok now start ...

The Strict Lady 3 ...
DeinSexTraum (38)


Doctor Anni asks for a mini-tail examination - SPH Doctor Anni asks for a mini-tail examination - SPH
You`re with me, your doctor, for a check-up and of course you have to get free for it. When you drop your pants, my breath catches for a moment and then I can`t help but laugh out loud. What is that, please? :-D You call that a c**k? Are you having sex with that dick too? :-D Sorry, that was highly unprofessional, as a little compensation I`ll show you what Doctor Anni is wearing under her doctor`s coat and I`ll encourage you to j**k off. Such a pathetic little c**k needs to be examined more closely, so I urgently need a s***m sample. Shouldn`t be a problem for you loser, because my humiliation and my laughter will make your thing stand like a 1.

Doctor Anni asks f...
Anni_NextDoor (30)

The goddess all for you The goddess all for you
The evening was great again, and magical, I love this outfit with the boots. Maybe you love it too, tell me ;) LG Sandrina

The goddess all fo...
HotSandrina (54)


Breeding materials Breeding materials
Here you can see everything that will make you happy, with which I could spoil or chastise you so that your desire grows immeasurably.

Breeding materials
VampEliza (63)

personalized photos personalized photos
For the loser cunt in latex and overknee boots! Steffen

personalized photos
SexyLuxusPuppe (23)

Transparent Transparent
Would you like to undress me? ?

Queenalessia (18)


Fetischbuch - Episode 2 - Gesichtsklatsche, S***ke F*****t Fetischbuch - Episode 2 - Gesichtsklatsche, S***ke F*****t
Ich schlage meinem S***ven ins Gesicht, s***ke ihn an und setze mich auf sein Gesicht, um ihn mit meinem dicken Hintern zu erdrücken

Fetischbuch - Epis...
Masquee-Maya (41)


Fetischbuch - Episode 1 - Achselhöhlen und Füße Fetischbuch - Episode 1 - Achselhöhlen und Füße
Mein S***ve schnüffelt, l**kt und reinigt meine Achseln und Füße

Fetischbuch - Epis...
Masquee-Maya (41)

who would like to play with me? who would like to play with me?
fancy a game, who else?

who would like to ...
Sexy-Kim (47)


T****e games deluxe! Exploded really horny 2x while f*****tting T****e games deluxe! Exploded really horny 2x while f*****tting
Today I was finally allowed to feel a really nimble t****e on my wet milf p***y again. There`s nothing hotter when you have a hard-working licking slave who gets you really horny with his t****e. And he made me so horny to ecstasy that I came twice really horny. But my p***y also made him pretty crazy and horny! But just see for yourself.

T****e games delux...
MelissaDeluxe (42)

Boots desire Boots desire
Every slave will know what to do, don`t you think, you little bent over piece

Boots desire
HotSandrina (54)

Amateur of the moment


31 Years
Hello my dears :), I`m pretty banged up and I like a man who knows what he wants. I am looking for a new kick here, can you give me something like that then write me ...

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