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New Videos


Clamps on my breasts and c**toris Clamps on my breasts and c**toris
Look at what I`ve created. Hot clamps on the nipples and on my c**toris!!!

Clamps on my breas...
ReifeOdetta (52)


Tribute video - February 2024 Tribute video - February 2024
This month is a special one, my s********e servant. If you worship me and adore me, you know that this February is my special day of honor. So here is your opportunity to do the least you can for your goddess and pay tribute. Of course, use this video as food for thought to ask yourself if you`ve done enough for me this month - if you`ve managed to follow my instructions, fulfill my wishes and make me happy. It`s not too late, bastard! So if you haven`t done enough, do it now! tribute video, worship, worship, mistress, femdom, dominatrix, dominant, POV, fetish, education

Tribute video - Fe...
Mary_Jane (39)


Alpha envy - you are not worthy of sex! Alpha envy - you are not worthy of sex!
I wear lingerie, but of course not for you, Beta! I will still have sex today, because I deserve satisfaction and a fulfilling sex life, unlike you. I can and will f**k as often as I want, you on the other hand will continue to sit in front of your PC and j**k off, because that`s the only thing you deserve, j**king off! Sex is for alpha couples, you are simply not worthy of sex. It`s enough of an honor for you to admire me in lingerie and let me humiliate you, so understand that even fantasies of sex are embarrassing and pointless for you! It`s okay to be jealous, but it has to sink into your brain that you`re a pitiful loser and no woman wants you, or are you too stupid for that yourself? My joke, your humiliation, that`s your new satisfaction from now on and nothing else.

Alpha envy - you a...
Anni_NextDoor (31)


Sex in a dark room - be gay Sex in a dark room - be gay
Just listen to my voice, let yourself go with what I tell you. Feel it and j**k off... I know that you want it so much... That it`s good for you to be gay and to be tender with another man.

Sex in a dark room...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


You belong to me You belong to me
You need me every day, you think of me, j**k off for me and swallow for me... These desires become more and more every day... You adore everything about me, you can no longer do without me... You belong to me.

You belong to me
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Nylon feet in your face Nylon feet in your face
You lie under me, I run my nylon feet over your face. Let you smell them and taste them... A wonderful feeling, isn`t it! Just feel the nylon feet. Getting them pressed more and more on your face...

Nylon feet in your...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Sex with the old man - be gay for him Sex with the old man - be gay for him
He`s been alone for so long, he longs so much to cuddle and stick his willy in a nice gay hole again... Be it for him... Lie in bed and listen to my story.

Sex with the old m...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Instructions with head cinema for Y and M Instructions with head cinema for Y and M
If you would like to listen to me instructing Yvonne and Matthias, then please watch and listen to the video... I will also include you as a spectator, as they both like to be watched.

Instructions with ...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


No more sex - say no No more sex - say no
I know your wife wants it, but you`re not a f**ker. You only need me and your hand cunt. Sex gives you no pleasure, so just say no. J**king off and having me is the best ... You are not a f**ker, say no...

No more sex - say ...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


I quickly looked through my old contacts :) and have already found a suitable guy who will lend me his c**k and donate his s***m ... Let`s see what he says about my visual change ... it`s been years since I last saw him. I`m curious to see how much his c**k can s****t for me after I`ve finished with him.

CandySuck (35)


Your mini c**k can`t satisfy my bacon cunt Your mini c**k can`t satisfy my bacon cunt
Sorry my sweetie, but your mini c**k and my bacon cunt? That`s not going to work. A hot titty f**k is not possible because your c**k disappears immediately between my udders and during a b*****b your c**k has completely disappeared in my f**k mouth. But I`m so into it when a c**k really makes me gag. When you stick it in to f**k me, I just don`t feel anything, you quick s****ter. So you`d better take it in your hand again in future, because unfortunately this f**k with you won`t do me any good.

Your mini c**k can...
Scharfe-Kitty (38)


Latex fetish? ;) Latex fetish? ;)
Hey you! Wanna be my slave? ;)

Latex fetish? ;)
JessieNolan (30)


You`ll never get out of the KG again! You`ll never get out of the KG again!
How does it feel, you loser? You`ve been wearing the KG for some time now. Have you gotten used to it yet? Are you still hoping that I`ll let you out of the KG? That you can j**k off again? I think I can help you with this video! You don`t need to have any more hope. You will never come out of the KG again! Your mini c**k will be locked in the cage forever. Never j**k off and cum again! How does that feel loser? To know that you belong to me forever, that I have the power over your c**k and will never let you out of the cage again! You`ll beg and plead with me... But I`m not interested in that! You`ll stay in the KG forever!

You`ll never get o...
LadyAyse (36)


Small shower for big breasts Small shower for big breasts
There`s nothing better than treating yourself to a nice shower and pampering your breasts after a busy, stressful day :)

Small shower for b...
Vrena (35)


Gerhard the pay pig Gerhard the pay pig
I`ve had my piggy bank Gerhard in my hand for a long time. He`s really keen to send me his money. He has to transfer his tribute to me twice a month. Without any request from me! The loser wants my attention and he gets it. As long as I receive the money on time. My life, my luxury is financed this way. I am the goddess! And you are the losers begging for my attention. Watch the video. Do you have similar fantasies? Then write to me in Messenger! I`m sure we`ll find a way for you to sweeten my life!

Gerhard the pay pig
LadyAyse (36)


Fat women f****red on v******r stepper 2 Fat women f****red on v******r stepper 2
Watch my young fat friend crazydesire86 standing naked on a v******r stepper in front of my husband. You can see a close-up of my husband f****ring her p***y from the back and front while vibrating. Then it`s my turn again and you can see how I bend forward and support myself with my hands on the v******r stepper so that my tits swing back and forth while vibrating.

Fat women f****red...
crazy1963web (54/60)


P***y Play P***y Play
A horny p***y play I have for you. Watch me as I get it myself and push various toys into my greedy p***y so that it is sufficiently filled and pleasured, listen to her smacking juicy and see exactly how she is stretched to tame the thick Blackys in the end hehe :-) Kiss Aby

P***y Play
AbyAction (36)


Big tits massage Big tits massage
Look at how I massage and oil my big tits, how I show them to you and make them bounce

Big tits massage
Sonnenblume2023 (38)


Horny j**k-off instruction in a vinyl suit and ankle boots Horny j**k-off instruction in a vinyl suit and ankle boots
This full body suit in black is super tight, smooth, soft and shiny. My patent ankle boots go perfectly with it and, paired with my dirty talk, will drive you crazy. Your pants will be just as tight as my suit is, I promise! I`ll tell you how you should j**k off, whether fast or slow, hard and firm or very gentle and of course when you should s****t your hot cum on me! Are you ready to cum for me?

Horny j**k-off ins...
Anni_NextDoor (31)


M*****R c*****t d***o M*****R c*****t d***o
My friend Rachel visited me yesterday. She had a new toy in her luggage, which we naturally had to test straight away.

M*****R c*****t di...
TexasPatti (42)


I love tights I love tights
When I put them on, it`s a great feeling. I love how smooth and silky it feels

I love tights
Janni_12 (56)


ein köstlicher Reggaeton ein köstlicher Reggaeton
Come and see me perform a few forbidden moves for you with a delicious, very Latin reggaeton

ein köstlicher Reg...
MarilynWhite (23)


Woman wants to be f**ked Woman wants to be f**ked
I`m single and don`t have a husband! I f**k myself with a d***o!!

Woman wants to be ...
LoveNina (26)


New private shower clip New private shower clip
Private insights in my shower ? ♡ ...

New private shower...
Lillyloo (30)


My fat bells !!!!! My fat bells !!!!!
Do you know a horny milf who is so eager to show off in the morning? :) What do you say to my big bells?

My fat bells !!!!!
Lillyloo (30)

Paint toes Paint toes
Here`s a subtle video of me painting my toes ? I hope you like it and leave a comment. There are also a few photos of my feet in the photo gallery. ?

Paint toes
Handwerkerin-96 (27)


Sport Free Sport Free
For all the well-trained souls. Who like to t*****e themselves. I want to put myself on record. Athletes really need to be honored. Video at your request. Laura on the treadmill. I don`t know why you wanted to see a naked Laura running? Maybe because her breasts are so big that they jiggle when she runs? Those breasts don`t jiggle, they bounce. Here you can see the promised treadmill video - naked body, big boobs and also stretching at the end.

Sport Free
LaLeticia (35)

dominatrix boots on loan dominatrix boots on loan
I borrowed some cool red boots from my girlfriend and used them to break balloons.

dominatrix boots o...
Tammara-Dominant (37)


Wanking instructions with Miss Lunatic Wanking instructions with Miss Lunatic
The hot Miss Lunatic is now fully at the start! Here is a horny wanking instruction for you! Use her hot teeny body as a wanking template!!! So drop your pants and j**k off properly with her!

Wanking instructio...
Amateur-Agent (28/31)


I did not expect that! User surprises me! I did not expect that! User surprises me!
That was awesome. A user wanted to surprise me and I`ve already experienced a lot, but I never expected what awaited me! He surprises me with a threesome. But it wasn`t supposed to be a normal threesome, it was something extraordinary. You want to know what? Then watch the clip and write to me if you found it as extraordinary as I did ;)

I did not expect t...
EmmaSecret (27)


Drunk teeny f**ked and impregnated Drunk teeny f**ked and impregnated
After an extensive o****m f**k the thick s**k cream is injected deep into the childbearing hole although she does not use contraception.

Drunk teeny f**ked...
F**kfreundinnen (33)


Big breasts spoiled with raspberry sauce Big breasts spoiled with raspberry sauce
Today I massaged my breasts nicely with a nice raspberry sauce, unfortunately no one was there to lick them:)

Big breasts spoile...
Vrena (35)


His very first cum load?!?! His very first cum load?!?!
The other day I really felt like going out to party again. Beforehand, I treated myself to a completely new leather outfit in my favorite store. A leather mini skirt that could almost pass for a belt and a leather top that`s not much bigger than a bra. Both of course skin-tight... I wanted to show off my hot body a little. The plan seemed to work, it didn`t take long before a hot guy sat down next to me at the bar. We flirted hard and at some point I noticed that his hand went under my skirt. I let him do it, as I was really horny myself by now!!! He was very surprised at what he found. But he didn`t stop and told me to join him. I did...

His very first cum...
TSLady_KimWagner (35)


Pinned Sexy Hexy Pinned Sexy Hexy
Here I have made myself very chic for you, boots, stockings and lingerie and then I started to play on me, very fine my hot p***y massaged and waxed, my butt I have also spoiled with a horny V******rt .... mmmmhhhhhh. Look at you and make with my horny. Kiss, kiss and have a lot of fun!

Pinned Sexy Hexy
Lilu4You (52)

hot tits hot tits
It`s so hot in my room that I take out my tits and spray them with water

hot tits
VioletaHadid (36)


Curvy Kathy with mega tits f**ked in Berlin Ao Part 2 Curvy Kathy with mega tits f**ked in Berlin Ao Part 2
After 2 hours here on this cold day in Berlin I met the curvy mature woman Kathy. She was 39 years old and despite the thick jacket I could see her curves and huge bust straight away. So I told her about my agency and so on. She somehow didn`t take it seriously, but came along anyway. Looking back, I think she wanted the same thing as me. When she arrived at my place, she soon stood in front of me in black underwear. My first guess was wrong. Super feminine figure and real boobs that were huge. She quickly got straight to the point and grabbed my c**k. After a hot b*****b and titty f**k, I went straight to Rubenfrau. I stuck it in blank and f**ked her all over my living room. Her tits were really shaking and I soon sprayed her hard.

Curvy Kathy with m...
GermanScout (30)

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