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hello sweetie hello sweetie
I can't wait to feel you inside me

hello sweetie
CarlyDaniels (23)


You wanker - I goddess You wanker - I goddess
You need me... You are weak... I want you to belong to me more and more...

You wanker - I god...
sexyvenushuegel (36)

I am a little rocker chick I am a little rocker chick
Will you let me ride your buck? ?

I am a little rock...
Little-Dark (23)


Slave telephone education Slave telephone education
Call Loser, as soon as you see that LadyAyse is active in the hotline, you will call! In addition to the chat and cam education you will also serve me on the phone. The slave phone education will make you really h***y, you will serve me unconditionally, listen to my sexy voice and carry out my orders! Listen to the rest in the clip and remember to call LOSER you are next!

Slave telephone ed...
LadyAyse (36)


Kneel down slave sow Kneel down slave sow
Our Mistress Mara LeNoir is once again having a good romp with her slave and showing him the ropes. Do you want to? Do you want to lie at the feet of a mistress like this? Do you think you`re good enough for her?

Kneel down slave s...
Amateur-Agent (28/31)


O****m during the livecam O****m during the livecam
Watch me bring myself to o****m

O****m during the ...
Bienchen1993 (30)

suspenders patent leather tattoo ink mum mom suspenders patent leather tattoo ink mum mom
Do you have a suitable key for my lock? What would you like to do with me now? Write to me directly

suspenders patent ...
MamiVon3 (30)


Potatoes are for paying Potatoes are for paying
Oh how I love ripping off potato pay pigs, LadyAyse has been milking pay pigs for years. It`s obvious, the potatoes are there to pay the Turkish goddess. You go to work for me to come crawling to me again and again to be humiliated and pay nicely. I am extremely money-hungry and can never have enough.

Potatoes are for p...
LadyAyse (36)


Become my work whore! Become my work whore!
Yes, at LadyAyse there is of course also work to do, which does not necessarily have to do with wanking and paying. You will make yourself useful in every way, there are no excuses. I`m happy to hand over work to slaves that a goddess like me just doesn`t feel like doing, that`s what you piggies are here for! Writing texts, editing pictures/videos and anything else I tell you to do. There`s always plenty to do with me, and you`ll make me happy, right away!

Become my work who...
LadyAyse (36)

Harness cunt 1 Harness cunt 1
How do you like my leather harness with the sandals? That emphasizes my h***y natural cunt even better, doesn`t it?

Harness cunt 1
Black-Red6 (55/59)


Leggings high heels Leggings high heels
1, 2, Kerry is coming over. 3, 4 in leggings and hot heels Rhyming is not my strong point, but I`m the queen at turning your head!

Leggings high heels
JustKerry (31)


Do you like my new leather leggings? Do you like my new leather leggings?
Well, someone`s got a new present and is presenting it to you as it should be!

Do you like my new...
Amateur-Agent (28/31)

Tits Tits
You like big beautiful tits, Then you`ve come to the right place.

MissNelly (40)

Leather Leather
I think every woman should wear leather on her body

Misswagner (43)

Above the rooftops - requested by you Above the rooftops - requested by you
You wanted to see more pictures of the outfit and what I did that night....

Above the rooftops...
Dirty-Gedanken (23)


S****z in 3 minutes! S****z in 3 minutes!
Today you will have to cum in 3 minutes after my hot countdown, which lasts exactly 3 minutes. How mean it is for you today to have to j**k off and s****t so quickly under time pressure, you slave cunt. You will not disappoint lady ayse and cum exactly on my go. In the video I am in sexy boots and h***y tight leather leggings because your c**k will get hard right away while watching Loser. Without saying much, it starts right away, you will now perform this h******e j**k-off instruction to my satisfaction and then report to me in Messenger that you have cum exactly on my command in 3 minutes!

S****z in 3 minute...
LadyAyse (36)

I am waiting for you I am waiting for you
I have so many facets - which one particularly appeals to you? And which one will you show me?

I am waiting for y...
L**kerlia (33)


Only humiliation will make you s****t! Only humiliation will make you s****t!
Your miserable loser c**k just gets h***y when you are humiliated hard, just like a loser c**k like you needs it! With LadyAyse you get the best humiliation you piggy can imagine. I am the extreme h***y brain f**ker that you won`t forget so quickly. I am what you need so that you slave whore can s****t at all, the harder the better for you. Now let`s get started loser hollow out what you need!

Only humiliation w...
LadyAyse (36)


YOU are my s********e bootlicker YOU are my s********e bootlicker
You little puny worm are absolutely not worthy of me. It is an honor for you to worship and adore me, especially today, because I am wearing boots that you love so much. You are allowed to lick and caress my boots while you pant like a dog on the floor. But of course you`re not allowed to stain my boots with your ridiculous slave c**k or even s****t on them! You may still cum, but only on my command and you`ll humble yourself.

YOU are my submiss...
Anni_NextDoor (31)


J**k-off puppet may j**k off - always until before J**k-off puppet may j**k off - always until before
The most beautiful thing in the world for me to j**k off, the most beautiful thing is to j**k off and come exactly as and when I want it ... Have fun and hang in there, then the s***m tastes best.

J**k-off puppet ma...
sexyvenushuegel (36)

Everyday pictures Everyday pictures
in various hot outfits. feel good is the order of the day

Everyday pictures
Kiss-You (25)

Lacquer and leather Lacquer and leather
Vinyl and leather, with a touch of nothing. Suspenders and stockings

Lacquer and leather
Saida (35)


The kommschonmach video The kommschonmach video
Just come and do it, no matter how humiliating, ridiculous or otherwise you might feel. It`s for me, so come on, just do what I want...

The kommschonmach ...
sexyvenushuegel (36)


Slave erotic teaser! Slave erotic teaser!
As you slave surely know, there is no sex or p**n movies for you, but I have very good news for you in the video, there is the h***y erotic slave erotic teaser for you. So extremely h***y for you, that`s almost too much for your slave mind, I make you extremely h***y in the hot teaser clip. My big hot tits my extremely sexy curves make your slave c**k more than hard, and with that I promise you not too much slave look at it yourself and lose your mind!

Slave erotic tease...
LadyAyse (36)

Just like that in nature Just like that in nature
Just like that in nature What would you do if you went for a walk and saw me like this?

Just like that in ...
Rijnn (20)

Walk Walk
Walk in the field ☺️? Bare butt ??❤️ Bare breasts??❤️

Rijnn (20)


Lock up immediately! Lock up immediately!
Your slave c**k has now j**ked off enough, it`s time for you to lock up immediately while you watch the video. Your loose c**k is best kept in the chastity belt. I love being mean and I love my power especially when I lock your c**k up. You will relinquish control to me, your c**k is best kept with LadyAyse. As always, slaves are especially obedient when the c**k is in the KG! Your time has come now, don`t cry, lock up and send me a proof picture of the lock after you have watched the clip!

Lock up immediatel...
LadyAyse (36)


Are you as hot as I am? Are you as hot as I am?
... and I`m not talking about the temperature :D Curious? Then you shouldn`t miss the video :* Bussi Eve

Are you as hot as ...
HotEve (53)

Ivy all sexy in trash Ivy all sexy in trash
With me it`s sexy even in a trashy house! Just get a little naked, put a little d***o in your p***y, pose h***y and smoke a cigarette while you`re at it, and hey presto! Isn`t it? There`s a new shine in the old hut :))

Ivy all sexy in tr...
Ivy-Rainbow (22)


Vulgar wank template - S****t me full Vulgar wank template - S****t me full
At this endlessly hot sight, you literally want to beam through your screen and f**k my hole. I hold my holes wide open for you. Use me as a wank template. Look deep inside. I`m all yours today! My dirty talk will bring your c**k to the maximum very quickly. Wank your c**k sometimes slowly, sometimes faster. You`re sure to s****t very quickly. Maybe even double and triple. Cum on my plump leather ass. WOW you are awesome! #wank template #leather #blond #boots

Vulgar wank templa...
AnnabelMassina (36)

Cool in a leather jacket and sunglasses Cool in a leather jacket and sunglasses
what would you wear when we meet for the first time

Cool in a leather ...
Charlotta (21)

A pair of tight leather trousers, glasses and a sexy bodysuit! A pair of tight leather trousers, glasses and a sexy bodysuit!
I hope you like my last outfit! How do you like my shiny trousers? If you want to see more, visit me in the live chat in the afternoon :)

A pair of tight le...
NaturalBarbieDoll (33)


No p***y for losers! No p***y for losers!
You f**k loser dream of getting a p***y, f**king, licking? What else do you dream of, you loser, there`s no such thing for you, you can make it up, no p***y for losers like you understood! You have to leave it to the right men to get a p***y. For you slave pig, humiliation and education by LadyAyse is better for your loser c**k than the hottest p**n!

No p***y for loser...
LadyAyse (36)

Tempting Tryst Tempting Tryst
Latex / leather pants and High Heels

Tempting Tryst

Forget your wife and f**k me Forget your wife and f**k me
I saw my neighbor with his wife today, I just find him so incredibly hot. OMG I have to admit I like married men and he is especially h***y. When I got home, I was on top of him, I wish he would f**k me, I`m much hornier than his wife, he wouldn`t regret a hot f**k with me. Look, I`ve put on something extra hot for you. Forget your wife and f**k me baby, do whatever you want with me, use me however you want. You can f**k me while your wife watches and she licks it out of my p***y. A thousand kinky thoughts roll over each other. But he`s married, I`m a naughty b***h... I still want him anyway. Because I`m such a h***y b***h, I have to be punished. What do I think, he`s married?!

Forget your wife a...
ShyJulie (35)


Finally sign the Blackmail contract! Finally sign the Blackmail contract!
Come on, you blackmail victim, you`re finally going to sign the blackmail contract, what are you waiting for, it`s about time! So far you`ve been brain-f**king and fantasizing about it, it`s time to finally turn it into reality with this video. I keep saying there is no turning back, now is your time you slave pig, your blackmail c**k will finally let you buy the clip and then get so h***y that you will sign the contract immediately afterwards! Then there will be no turning back forever my Blackmail victim!

Finally sign the B...
LadyAyse (36)

Livecam of the moment


41 Years
Are you looking for something `real` too? Then you are exactly right with me! I search here of the ONS up to the sexual community of interests everything =) or also more? I look forward to you

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