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Golden Shower


100 Amateur! Intimate and private! 100 Amateur! Intimate and private!
When the user wrote to me he was a bit shy and a bit afraid of a cameraman, he wanted to be all alone with me, so I said no problem. Let`s make a POV clip out of it and that`s exactly what it turned out to be. 100% amateur and just me and him, very intimate and private! So we were able to indulge ourselves without restraint and get it on with each other mercilessly. Just between us, after the first messages and conversations with him, I would never have expected him to f**k me like that! But it was mega cool, sit back and enjoy the show my dear ;)

100 Amateur! Intim...
Susi-Extrem (29)

The urine flows... The urine flows...
Used the glass carafe today...

The urine flows...
Brina-willdich (49)


Golden shower f**k with violent three hole rip! Golden shower f**k with violent three hole rip!
Actually, I just wanted to repot a few plants and make them fit for spring but suddenly my S***her stood in front of me and I could only think of his hard c**k, but instead of letting me suck the dirty pig p**sed me ice cold in my M**lf**ze until I was totally soaked by his warm j***e. But so he does not get away from me, alson rein with him in my F**km**l and hard suck is announced. Now that his part is nice and stiff, he slams his strap into my tight p***y hole and f**ks me dirket times through to the stop. But a hole is apparently not enough for him, because without further ado he takes out the d***o and drills it into my ass cunt. With the tail in my p***y and the d***o in the asshole it came to me then really fast and shortly after he also rotzte his load of s**k sauce directly on my t****e!

Golden shower f**k...
G***e-Blondchen (29)


A glass of sparkling wine for you and me A glass of sparkling wine for you and me
I`m thirsty and just p**s in a glass - simply delicious - of course I`ll give you some of my golden shower water too

A glass of sparkli...
Slut-Nicole (55)


The kinkiest brunette duo you`ve ever seen! The kinkiest brunette duo you`ve ever seen!
You`ve never seen us so kinky and dirty! Our greedy mouths are always ready to suck the cream and p**s out of our hot c**ks so that you can stuff our tight young f**k holes to the brim and get us h***y to o****m. Here you can expect an extremely dirty golden shower f**k with two naturally h***y and c**k-hungry brunettes!

The kinkiest brune...
Traum-T****n18 (27)


Cum Dessert After Merciless Golden Shower F**k!!! Cum Dessert After Merciless Golden Shower F**k!!!
We were just finished with the main course and he still had a sweet tooth, so he licked me my p***y h***y out until it was soaking wet. But I had a surprise ready and started to p**s him in the middle of the mouth. This made him so h***y that he f**ked me first directly on the floor. His bulging F**ks*****z pierced my tight p***y like crazy and his merciless hard F**kstöße worried it my p***y really h***y. After a while, my dessert was served and I enjoyed every drop of it on my greedy t****e!

Cum Dessert After ...
G***e-Blondchen (29)


Drink your own urine Drink your own urine
My own urine is healthy and as I have to pee and I`m thirsty I pee in my glass - it`s almost full to the brim and it tastes delicious again .... .

Drink your own uri...
Slut-Nicole (55)


Best Of P**sBubbles No. 3 Best Of P**sBubbles No. 3
here you can see a compilation of the best scenes from my clips where i blow the p**sing dicks and swallow the p**s

Best Of P**sBubble...
ns-a**lstute (54)


I have whisky from my p***y for you natural nectar! I have whisky from my p***y for you natural nectar!
I have whisky from my p***y for you - natural nectar! I love urine. I pee and drink urine every day. I love the salty taste of urine - it's incredible. Do you want me to pee directly into your mouth? Do you like salty p***y whisky too? Can I pee directly into your mouth? Will you try it?????...#pee.....#natursek....#lovepee.......

I have whisky from...
Geil-Mama55555 (61)


TEENY-CLEANING-SLUT My hobbies are: f**king without condom, suck TEENY-CLEANING-SLUT My hobbies are: f**king without condom, suck
The skinny slut Martina is currently in the kitchen and is cleaning the oven. Her hot teen face and short summer dress make me so h***y that I just take out my c**k and she kneels immediately in front of me. She greedily sucks my c**k and I f**k her wet mouth. Then she lies down on the kitchen table where we were just eating and lets me f**k her wet, tight p***y without a condom. D***ystyle continues on the chair, I f**k her p***y for so long until I inject my s***m into her hot p***y hole. But instead of continuing to clean after f**king, she leaves with her C******e p***y in the bathroom and p**sing in the bathtub...what a slut!

Andy-Star666 (39)


P**sing off in the corner P**sing off in the corner
Just a quick pee in a corner on the way - that felt good ...

P**sing off in the...
Slut-Nicole (55)


Little Golden Shower in Bixxis Little Golden Shower in Bixxis
I really wanted to hold you again my h***y, p**sing sweetness in front of the camera ... I even still have my Bixxis on :) Do you like this? Have fun with it!

Little Golden Show...
Miss_Paradise (29)

Video clips golden shower Video clips golden shower
Undecided whether you should treat yourself to a h***y p**s video from me? Maybe I can make your decision easier :p

Video clips golden...
Miss_Paradise (29)


P**sed in the milk P**sed in the milk
Aloha my sweetie, Today I`m fulfilling a little heartfelt wish for a friend of mine. As he loves coffee and NS, he gave me a half-full carton of milk, which I was supposed to refine with my golden j***e so that he can enjoy both passions together every morning. Of course, I`m immediately involved in such activities and you can watch me do it. I p**s into a funnel to make sure that none of the precious drops spill and then show you our little secret at the end. Length 3:04

P**sed in the milk
wet_mermaid (34)


WTF! Caught outdoor p**s! WTF! Caught outdoor p**s!
Was somehow clear, because I have to pee ONCE quite necessary as I was traveling by car and then that. Hardly had I pulled down the pants and my panties and could finally let it run with full relief, because a passerby came by, saw me and got terribly excited. And the insight he had he should certainly not forget so quickly. Anyway, what is it ...

WTF! Caught outdoo...
DirtyTina (51)


First Outdoor P**s 2024 First Outdoor P**s 2024
too bad actually wanted to p**s off the hood of the car but unfortunately there were so many people on the road, but next time there will be a good p**s for you ;)

First Outdoor P**s...
aphro (38)


p**s in the workshop p**s in the workshop
I`m actually looking for a paintbrush and paint in the workshop. But I`ve just found the brush. It`s so cool that I put it in my p***y right away. P***y and then pee in the workshop.

p**s in the worksh...
SexyBine (52)


Bottling sparkling wine Bottling sparkling wine
if i can also make natural champagne in a cup and then take it with me here is the clip

Bottling sparkling...
tammara-gold (37)


Stranger F**ked By Pervert Neighbor Peeping Tom!!! Stranger F**ked By Pervert Neighbor Peeping Tom!!!
Sometimes I really think that this guy is addicted to f**king. Funnily enough, my neighbor is there every time I sunbathe naked in the garden. in the garden. Anyway, the main thing is that I can f**k h***y! His c**k fills my warm wet f**k hole to the brim and hammers so hard into my p***y blatantly in my p***y that he penetrates my c**toris. Simply awesome to get such an o****m! In addition, he always inseminates me so violently my f**k mouth that I can hardly keep up with the swallowing!

Stranger F**ked By...
Susi-Extrem (29)


Spontaneously peed in a measuring cup Spontaneously peed in a measuring cup
I had so much pressure and the measuring cup was just within reach... hmmm kurterhand on it and h***y reingep****lt my champagne ... Sound: Yes Running time: approx. 3:21 minutes... Video in 4K... Special: Slow-Motion... Please rate this awesome video... for that a kiss from me ❤️

Spontaneously peed...
Saugperle66 (24)


Indoor - Outdoor - P**s - Compilation Indoor - Outdoor - P**s - Compilation
I p**s inside, outside, alone and with my hot girlfriend RiaRed!

Indoor - Outdoor -...
KiraKane (25)


Susi makes it bubble Susi makes it bubble
In especially hot hold-ups and my beloved favorite high heels I let it bubble for you today! And how! The wonderful sparkling wine splashes only so out of me. Of course I do not let such a great champagne go to waste! And so it is filled directly times. For you? You don`t like NS? Well, but only because you have not tried mine yet ;-)

Susi makes it bubb...
Miss_Mademoisell (36)


Sick and perverted in the bathroom!!! Sick and perverted in the bathroom!!!
And I definitely won`t change, even if others might find it extreme, but I love being so dirty and h***y. When I`m in the mood for sex, I just take what I need. So I put the d***o in my p***y and start f**king. But luckily my engraver came by in time so that I could swap the d***o for a real c**k without further ado. Because that`s twice as much fun and if there`s still a nice load of warm fresh p**s around everything runs like clockwork hihi.

Sick and perverted...
Susi-Extrem (29)


Hihi fully p**sed and then fully inseminated!!! Hihi fully p**sed and then fully inseminated!!!
Just 25 years young and already so h***y, how can that be? Well, good question, but the guy definitely enjoyed f**king such a c**k-hungry girl like me without a rubber. As h***y as I was, he was even allowed to s****t in the middle of my f**k face! Instead of licking off the j***e, I walked around all day with the sauce on my face. I`m just completely naturally h***y!

Hihi fully p**sed ...
Antonia-19 (27)


User meetings with snot User meetings with snot
It`s my own fault, I probably should have told him beforehand, who would have thought of that, the f**k was actually quite good, so I`ve already met others, only with the injection, I don`t take the pill, I have an IUD and it`s not that safe either, so go to the pharmacy for the morning-after pill.

User meetings with...
G***e-Blondchen (29)


CAUTION !!! NOTHING FOR WEAK NERVES !!! Miss.Loli and Marie are extremely h***y for p**s today. First Marie p**ses on her girlfriend and a slave in the face and mouth, then the two b***hes kneel in front of us in the shower and waiting for the warm pee. They greedily hold their p**s mouths next to each other and let themselves several c**ks one after the other fill her mouth with p**s. Of course we also piee on her hot natural tits and the two spit the warm urine on each other in the mouth and in the face. After the hot p**so**y, the two sluts take a shower and kiss sexy.

H******E | P**S...
Andy-Star666 (39)

I pee in my leggings I pee in my leggings
Huhüchen... Today I`m just going to pee in my leggings for you... I`m so looking forward to what you`ll say... You see me, except for my feet, completely... I didn`t think it could be really fun, but it was. Once I`ve peed in my leggings, I`ll take them off first and then the thong for you... #leggings #p**i #NS

I pee in my leggin...
Stella-1986 (37)


Simply let NS run at the airport Simply let NS run at the airport
Just let the NS run at the airport.... . that`s cool, isn`t it? See for yourself

Simply let NS run ...
ViolettaAngel (34)


Wish video golden shower Wish video golden shower
Someone here wanted me to let my champagne flow with a lot of pressure in my jeans and panties ? have fun watching ?

Wish video golden ...
Sexyangel43 (43)

P**sed off and p**sed in the bathtub! P**sed off and p**sed in the bathtub!
And there are always these ballet shoes - a user request that I was happy to fulfill.

P**sed off and pis...
S***mahexe (53)


Lie down! I p**s you full! Lie down! I p**s you full!
You mean to surprise me again necessarily in the bathroom? Well no problem, your NS fetish I`ll do justice, I promise. Just lie down in the shower and I`ll do the rest. I p**s you full, especially I p**s this time on your c**k. Oh he`s getting harder when p**sing, then it seems you like it especially well! When will you lie down in my shower and enjoy the warm shower from me?

Lie down! I p**s y...
DirtyTina (51)


Lunch break o****m Lunch break o****m
In the break, used the time at home and times brought my p***y to relax. With a hot o****m, do you hear my p***y smacking ?

Lunch break o****m
LadySun87 (37)


Outdoor violently ripped open the p***y! Outdoor violently ripped open the p***y!
As you know, I love f**king everywhere. But I get the horniest when I`m having sex in the great outdoors. There`s something so animalistic about it and the thrill of being caught at any time. Just the thought of it makes my crack wet. And if the right c**k is there, I can start right away. You look for a nice place, undress and then stick your fat boner straight into my p***y. I love being f**ked d***y style, just push your panties aside and stick your c**k in her crack. Uninhibited, we drive it in different positions until the pressure in the piston gets stronger and stronger and I can then j**k off the long-awaited j***e from the c**k

Outdoor violently ...
Antonia-19 (27)


H***y p**sing like a horse! H***y p**sing like a horse!
I was traveling by car for ages and had to p**s the whole time. Normally I like to do this in public. But this time I thought I could try a new record. I held on to the champagne for as long as I could and already had tears in my eyes. It was a relief to drain this particularly golden bubbly and collect it in a measuring cup for you. The quantity is definitely record-breaking. The stream poured endlessly, I really couldn`t stand it for a second longer. How much do you think is in the measuring cup and can you drink it if you want?

H***y p**sing like...
Mira-Grey (34)


P**sed all over, f**ked through and j**ked my face!!!!!!!!!!! P**sed all over, f**ked through and j**ked my face!!!!!!!!!!!
The guy was on the same h***y things like me, two real perverts, that fits like a glove! Greedily I kneel down in front of him and wait for his h***y warm p**s as it comes bubbling out of his dome and completely soaked me. No spot on me is dry anymore, then he pushes his thick c**k into my p**s-soaked p***y and f**ks me mercilessly until the mega o****m through. I was totally h***y for his s***m and wanted to have it absolutely directly in my F**kf***se gerotzt!

P**sed all over, f...
Sexy-Carolina (28)


just messed up just messed up
Met a new gay and why had dirty sex all day god to schwallow cum and got p**sed off .and f**ked in the ass Wonderfull day legga

just messed up
rosieblatt (57)

Livecam of the moment


41 Years
Lust, is the longing of the body... Love, is the longing of the soul... I am curious what ultimately connects us.

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